Monies donated will be used to buy computer software for Deaf students, visually impaired students, and those with a learning difficulty. Children in Special Education learn well using computers. For example, by using software that supports literacy, Deaf children can drastically improve reading and writing skills. We would also love to see more computer labs in Special Education Schools in Zambia.

For the Deaf we would like the syllabus to be in Zambian Sign Language. Our aim is to make sign language videos to be used by teachers in class. This will enable Deaf students to learn each subject in their first language improving grades and education opportunities.

We want to continue to help Deaf children have access to education. Many Deaf children are kept at home and have no access to schooling due to parents having no funds to send them to school. We want to assist parents to buy uniforms and have school fees for their Deaf child.

All our projects will primarily improve education of Deaf children here in Zambia and other children also in Special Education. This will greatly improve future job opportunities and independent living skills.

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