About us

Sign Language Channel of Zambia is a non-profit organization that was registered 17th April 2018 with the Ministry of Community Development and registered with Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities on 28th March 2018.

Our organization is led by Deaf members assisted by hearing volunteers. Our aim is to provide educational and empowerment opportunities for the Deaf community and enable them to receive education in Sign Language. We want the Deaf to have the opportunity to be trained and educated in various skills including, but not limited to, computer skills, advocacy issues, legal rights, health, employment, education, tailoring, catering and arts. We believe that these skills will enable the Deaf to improve their school grades, find employment and enjoy living independently.

There are several challenges faced by the Deaf, many are frustrated and isolated. Some Deaf children are kept at home and deprived of basic education. Our organization has identified a solution by striving to improve the overall lives of Deaf children/adults and parents.

Please take a look at our projects page and see what we have achieved and what you can do to support us.